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Liz Baca

Liz has an inner radiance that is echoed in her beloved happy face Moschino bag. She says of dressing in her different fashion personalities, "I am still in touch with what I was doing as a child... it makes me smile and it makes me different than you." She can transform from what she calls a "sophisti-clown" in a purple gauzy jumper and spray paint can cap necklace to Parisian demure in a sheer white ruffled blouse, Chanel trousers and '40s platforms in the blink of an eye and own it. Her obsession with multifaceted genres makes her as comfortable in '80s art teacher's pattern-on-patterns with a Joan and David saddle shoe as she is in a classic three-piece suit with wide-leg trousers.

Clothing is art for Liz, who is the product of a long line of antique dealers and vintage collectors, including her grandmother, who worked for the Salvation Army. "By dipping into history, you are predicting the future," Liz says. Everything she wears could be hung on a wall, like the embellished Mickey Mouse sweatshirt that she sewed sequins on, a la Dolce & Gabbana and her '50s Red Line Levi's. I love the hint of colorful graffiti street influence from her Bay Area hometown that emerges when she adds a neon Chanel bag to a Disney motif and the original boyfriend jean. She has "always been attracted to items that are marketed towards the advanced." History does not repeat itself as much as it is the basis for evolution when interpreted by the ones who get it and wear it as if it was better than brand new, like Liz does. "I am not trying to rush towards growing older, but I do welcome it with open arms... full of Bakelite bangles."

Check out the online magazine that Liz co-founded.

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