Lissy Trullie, Closets
Lissy Trullie

Cool as she is warm, original as she is tasteful and authentic as she is original, Lissy gives hipster a great name. Lissy is the poster child for downtown chic with her androgynous haircut that's often embellished by her collection of hats (including an iconic hasidic one), her teal fitted Phillip Lim blazer, skinny jeans and her favorite wedgy, but comfy Proenza boots.

Raised by a single mom who was determined to make her two daughters strong women, Lissy is tough on the outside in bold suspenders, but soft on the inside with her willingness to be an open book in her song writing -- Lissy's latest album is about the death of her aunt and the "manic experience you go through in losing somebody forever." Despite the dark shades, Lissy's emotions are as thinly veiled as her fair skin and there isn't an ounce of facade. Passionate about continuing her career in music, Lissy says, "My desire is to be able to have longevity creatively." Her dedication to not succumb to the industry's pressure of trying to force the debut of a new song, album or E.P. each month is palpable. "I don't need to put this out so people think I am doing something," Lissy states. She is the kind of girl who sticks to her guns in the same way she sticks to her cropped leather jacket.

Video Edited by Adaeze Elechi.

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