Linsey Ballas, Closets
Linsey Ballas

Style for Linsey is like living in her own book. It seems as though anything and everything, consciously and unconsciously, becomes a new sentence or paragraph in her wardrobe and then like a chameleon, her experiences continuously manifest into something unique. "A childhood heirloom on my wrist, one of my grandmother’s scarves, a shirt that I have stolen from my father’s closet….I layer the pieces of different generations." Linsey doesn't miss a reference if it's worth it from her love of blazers found at boarding school, to her Jan Brady dress and of course, hard-to-find Lolita sunglasses. She creates a "dialogue" between the pieces which is not meant to be ironic, but playful. Killer for me is her classic menswear oversized blazer with the most provocative of YSL pumps and the legs that go on forever.

To learn more about Linsey, go to the captions on the detailed page.

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