Legacy Russell, Closets
Legacy Russell

You can see the mix in Legacy, of her Dad's biker chic, harder edge with her mom's bohemian, '70s flair. She grew up in the East Village and has never lost her fascination with what most influences her, the people on the street. The impact on Legacy of what people are wearing, is one of the reason's why her favorite places to travel is San Sebastian, Spain which is on the border of France, where, she says, each country's taste is represented in the plethora of people flaunting their individuality in both gypsy and polished dress. One of her favorite people on Stylelikeu is Ludwig because he affirms for her that dressing so expressively and with ultra class has no age limit. You can see Legacy's evolution in how she now wears the Lonnie Liston T of her Dad's, that she cut up into a halter mini dress in High School, with a refined pleated ballerina-style skirt. It will be fun to see where the hippie/hard meets elegant continues to emerge.

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