Lauren Rassel, Closets
Lauren Rassel

Wonder Woman, Lauren in her executioner-style over-the-knee medical tights, bejeweled with birth control packets and worn with a dress that was a skirt but is now "boned" (looks bullet-proof), made into a halter with a telephone cord and intensified with a fur shrug made from a jacket, is a warrior for turning everything in your junk drawer into couture. I didn't have an "Invention Convention" in third grade, but I am now wishing I did. Lauren started her spat-making then, the yellow ones made from caution tape to protect from the snow and ones to cover a cast. Either are fair game for Lady GaGa, especially for when she jumps out of the wheel chair to fend off the paparazzi. In her current streak of dominatrix chic, Lauren just whipped up her Bond look out of an old onesie, with the hood made from an old dress from a Christmas dance and and a purse that she never wore. Noble to the core in her effort to reuse and max out resources, while remaining conceptual and artful, what I love is that Lauren is doing it with so much flair. No hippy dippy going green here, for her the big picture is exploring consciousness with fantastical design. Hussein Chaylayn II?

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