Laura Helms, Closets
Laura Helms

Laura has her "Bardot" moments in her ballet flats and gingham in the summer, but it's the only time you will see her out of her glam rock couture and Terry de Havilland platforms. Her arresting beauty rivals the French movie siren's, but aside from the sexy gap in her front teeth, piercing eyes, and golden waist-length hair (that provides a Jerry Hall mystique), Laura is every bit a thinking woman when it comes to her passion for clothes. She is studying the history of fashion and completing an apprenticeship to be a curator of antique clothing. It was a visit to London at the age of five that ignited her enchantment when she visited the Fashion and Costume Gallery of the Victoria and Albert Museum. It was from that point on that she finally learned to read (didn't need her tutor anymore), by absorbing herself in their catalogue of seventeenth century dresses and men's three-piece suits. The favorite "works of art" that she wears currently are British designers from the late '60s and early '70s, like Ossie Clarke, John Bates for Jean Varon, and Jean Muir. What attracts her to this time period is "the romance and fantasy that came after the high modernism of the '60s and space age mod. It was a reaction to it..the clothes are a jumble of influences." It seems obvious that there might be a lineage of intriguing, artsy personalities in Laura's past. One grandmother was an artist and ended up living in the mountains of North Carolina with her woodworker husband, and the other, who lived in Geneva, was often in Pucci (that Laura now possesses), lots of color and rich textures, and fur-trimmed coats. Laura carries on the dream in her Bill Gibb metallic dress and cape of her great-grandmother's. You will not see her in pants, wellies, or in any fast fashion - she learned from having to consolidate her clothes during a move in which the only keepers were the pieces that were created with artistry and shake the soul.

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