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1) How did you find Lady Starlight?
Elisa: I scouted her at a gig she was DJing at The Royalton on Tuesday nights, during which she was playing the most iconic rock and roll from the 70's, which is my thing. I was smitten.

2) What did Lady Starlight inspire you to buy? Music, books, clothes, etc?
Elisa: She reminded me to revisit some of my old favs T-Rex and Roxy Music and turned me on to some of her favorite artists such as the Roots Radics band, Van der Graaf Generator, and Peter Hammill, who was the vocalist of a band that she describes as being similar to Star Trek. I am also contemplating getting her classic St. Marks bondage belt, but would wear it with something Victorian and romantic.

3) What's the first thing you remember from your shoot with Lady Starlight?
Elisa: How passionate and dedicated she is to music (since being in a band when she was 4 yrs old) and how isolating she feels it can be to be an artist. I personally relate to the notion that the more people surrounding you in life the more lonely it can be, especially when you are very committed to what you are doing. I also appreciate the duality in Lady's life between connecting to a lot of people while still being a recluse. Lady Starlight states, "It's more like I have a duty to perform, I feel like it's kind of my destiny… it's very solitary to be a performer because nobody else is involved."

4) What personal quality/character do you admire in Lady Starlight?
Elisa: Her dedication to performing and how much she doesn't care about notoriety-- "Celebrity is very unappealing to me… The more celebrity you have, the more removed you are," she says. I also respect Lady's lack of ego with the potential pitfalls of admiration and flattery that come with being on the stage. For Lady Starlight, her life blood is her relationship with her audience, and the importance of it being a genuine experience. She mentions that the high for her is the force that she feels within herself to get her message out through her music and through a dialogue with the audience.

6) What is your favorite thing about Lady Starlight's style?
Elisa: Her precision about everything she wears in terms of its relationship to what she is trying to express musically. For example, her silver leather suit represents her "Iggy Pop" look that she wears with her "ultimate goth punk boot." Also, I love her Rush-influenced red kimono, that she wears with red stretch pants (the authentic ones from Fredericks of Hollywood) and her glam sequin jumpsuit, made by the infamous Ray Brown, who also designed for Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Poison and Judas Priest. Ray is, as Lady explains, the "unsung hero of metal rock fashion."

7) What style tip did you personally take away from your interview with Lady Starlight?
Elisa: To try to wear something that you hate in order to break out of style boxes. She says this in reference to her black suede pumps, which she wears in order to break out of her mold of only feeling comfortable in ankle boots.
I also love the way she shops in out of the box places like in her neighborhood of the Ridgewood section of Queens which she refers to as "a secret gem" with shops marketed toward Latina club goers. "Its like couture when I mix it with my rock n roll stuff, no one would possibly know where I got it," she so generously reveals.

8) Emotionally, what has stayed with you since your interview with Lady Starlight?
Elisa: That when you obsess on the elusive notion of being "perfect" at what you do, it can make you lose sight of the fact that the imperfections are beautiful and that letting go is as important as trying. "When I get obsessive about things being a particular way, I have to remember that the things that are a little bit off are the things that I like about everything else,"she affirms.

9) What was your favorite thing Lady Starlight said or did during the interview?
Elisa: "I only have one goal. to be in a position that when I have an exciting idea, I have the means to make it a reality." I AGREE!!!!!

Questions answered by Elisa Goodkind, Co-Founder & Editor in Chief.

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