Kristine, Closets

I always leave a SLU shoot inspired by a tip or idea. In Kristine's case, it was many things, but the one I followed through on was the Rick Owens onesie (birthday present to myself). She fully convinced me of its worthiness for every day and every occasion (you could sleep in it or wear it for black tie), which is pretty much how Kristine always dresses. She despises Halloween, because for her, every day is an organic expression of "dressing up" as she feels. It's all about her uniform of all black (never jeans) and an architectureal silhouette. You might see Kristine walking to the corner bodega in her only vintage piece, an ostrich feathered bolero, inspired by her ultimate style hero Brian Eno, or in one of her cutting-edge pair of boots to the gym. She actually works out in her favorite band T shirt that she wears all the time, Suicidal Tendencies, and reluctantly caved into purchasing sneakers, but the closest ones to her armory of wedges. Admittedly hardcore about her passion for music (she is habitually either djing or home researching bands and songs), she is equally driven to perfection with her impeccable futuristic goth wardrobe.

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