Kevin Hwang, Closets
Kevin Hwang

Kevin is the thinking man's lover of traditional clothes. He both dislikes the unconscious worship of comfort over being conscious enough to look unique - there's a difference between the Margiela or original utilitarian chino and subsequent sea of average derivatives - and the blind value of extravagance over substance, in other words flash over quality and craftsmanship. On the style of American men, Kevin says, "Everything has to be easy and convenient. They just want to throw on clothes and get out, so everything has to be fast. That shouldn't always be the case. ... It's not that hard to do it, to have everyone meet a certain standard of being presentable."

A big fan of Maison Martin Margiela for their design innovations, Kevin appreciates the way they make a garment with just one seam and the fashion house's use of satire, like his cut-up blazer. Similarly, the message of his medieval dragon tattoo is that you can turn ordinary objects into something more precious. Kevin does so with the touch of his crystal and suede medallion necklace paired with a basic crew neck knit top, his perfectly worn dove gray Converse sneakers, a pair of charcoal socks peeking out from a black ankle boot or a strappy brown sandal and rolling your pants up just right so that you can see the subtle detail.

Kevin is consistent with his more of less style, just as he listens to the same song over and over and eats the same food, making his ability to distinguish himself from the crowd that much more skillful and considered. Bill Maher said recently on Real Time that convenience is the downfall of America - I agree.

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