Keisha Davis, Closets
Keisha Davis

Keisha feels that being bigger challenges her to have to be more creative with her clothes. She likes the opportunity to be inventive, and she is. I love the way she made the one-shoulder metallic dress for her "diva" look, how she mixes her boyfriend blazer with a tie-dye head scarf, and most of all, how sharp she is in her Gwen Stefani-inspired sleeveless fur coat/vest with her grandmother's '70s glasses, belted biker shorts, tank, and pumps. Keisha is refreshingly open and unaffected by what people think of her. She feels that people give her funny looks when she is walking down the street because they don't feel that someone her size should be expressing themselves in their style. I have found in doing SLU that all people who go beyond what's common, no matter their particulars, are judged publicly. What makes Keisha so special and a leader is that other people's judgments only fuel her fire. And the freedom within herself to "put the wrong things together at the wrong time and make it right" is the definition of style.

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