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Kayvon Zand

I, like Kayvon, believe that we would live in a different world if everyone understood that it is the unfamiliar that is the most inspiring. Born in the town where Dawson’s Creek was filmed in North Carolina, Kayvon was raised by parents who escaped the tyranical dictatorship of Iran. Let’s just say his was an ideal background for learning early on what it was like to feel out of place. Today, Kayvon is a lifestyle artist who is dedicated 24/7 to bringing misunderstanding into the light, much like some of his misunderstood heroes, including Klaus Nomi, Marilyn Manson and Mozart. He has not only decided to celebrate his differences, but to make a production of them. In his signature wedding dress, black lipstick and bouffant, even if he is simply going out for a cup of coffee, he is fully conscious of the fact that he would be executed in his native country in such an outfit. It’s almost as if blending in is tantamount to an affront to Kayvon’s freedom. “I am this way because it is a choice and I know what its like to not have have this choice,” he says.
You become conscious when you learn to embrace what is uncommon to you. Kayvon feels that “there is a fine line between beauty and sadness.” It is ironic that the pale skin, dark hair and ceremonial aesthetic that gets him so much attention for its glaring divergence from the crowd here was the epitome of attractive in his ancient Persian culture. Kayvon’s scepters, feathered collars and veils demand respect in the vein of Queen Elizabeth and Zeus, despite his purposeful brushes with intolerance. The corsets and latex defy labels such as masculine or feminine, gay or straight. The closest he gets to the suit that his mother would like to see him in with the title of doctor is the Prada “hand me up” from Ru Paul. The famous drag queen’s mantra is “life is drag,” Kayvon points out. Whether you are a man or a woman, she feels, looking normal or abnormal, one is always creating the delusion of what you want to be, whether we are aware of it or not.

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