Kaylee Boyer, Closets
Kaylee Boyer

Kaylee was brought up in a very structured Mormon environment where the only way she could express herself was through her clothing and hair color. It is ironic that today she finds solitude in the very orderly society of Japan, where people carry around their own ashtrays and she is greatly celebrated for her exemplary style. In Tokyo, a land where idiosyncratic dressers thrive, Kaylee is considered a "girly rocker" with her lacy "hooker" Harajuku socks, leopard lingerie pants and intense pink lips and has found a flourishing career blogging for Japanese Elle.

"It's a bigger compliment to me to have girls walk up and tell me my style is cool than a man," Kaylee says, so here it goes. I am still hoping to acquire (she promised to sell it to me) the black men's cashmere sweater that she so artfully shredded. Her over the knee embroidered YSL boots that she wears with thick gray knit tights are monumental in a Russian princess kind of way, while her Balenciaga combat ones are seminal in their chic masculinity. I love the way she wears her select boot collection with short shorts and a unique vintage top, like the Dior canary yellow blouse with a giant bow on the back. According to Kaylee, although she likes moving forward, sometimes, "the only way to make things happen is to stand still." It's often within limitations that creativity is birthed.

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