Justin Giunta, Closets
Justin Giunta

I always felt that walking into Justin's world to pull jewelry for my shoots reminded me of why I loved my job as a fashion stylist. My eyes never knew where to go first. It is a visual frenzy of phenomenal Baroque inspired oil paintings and overflowing tables of flea market gems that become his one of a kind jewelry designs (Subversive Jewelry) and are glued all over every lamp, candlestick, wall, or corner of his apartment. The piles of empty paint tubes look like art. The spilling over of his passion and creativity is infectious and makes my heart race.

When I asked him about his favorite stores, he said Paul Smith for socks, but he mainly shops in his own closet, where he often reinvents his own clothes. However, he says that he's not super thrifty because he likes to celebrate the money that he makes. Justin makes his smashing Dries Van Noten white suit with a Dior button-down look like Lawrence of Arabia, barefoot with an indigenous scarf used as a belt.

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