Julius Debruhl Lewis, Closets
Julius Debruhl Lewis

I have a Bergdorf's and Saks card, but why should I go there when I have The Salvation Army, Julius says? Looking at him, in chunky tweed trousers, an African print shirt, the snazziest of spectators and his piles of museum-worthy indigenous bangles, cuffs and cocktail rings could send the most conscientious shoppers among us into a major guilt trip. Even Julius' massive adornments, "the bigger the better'" he feels, are bought for an obscenely thrifty amount. "I can make a gunny sack look like the Taj Mahal if I wanted to," Julius claims, and this is clear when you witness his American Indian-inspired suede fringed poncho that he made from various found old pieces of clothing, not to mention the accompanying DIY chunks of turquoise and silver.

Part American Indian, Julius' family history has the overtones of the romance and dramatic beauty that he lives for. A tidal wave in 1900 in Galveston, TX propelled his ancestors to the East coast. His big persona makes Lily Pulitzer pants debonair with a navy double breasted blazer and a white shirt unbuttoned so as to reveal a crystal choker. Radiating good energy, through the rocks he wears on his body and the plethora of authentic collectibles that he lives among, is a calling for Julius. His hyper-artistic sense of dressing is surreal, like an embroidered kimono with ivory bangles to the elbow and antique claws on his fingers. "There's no bull shit with me," Julius states. He even admits in this interview that he is a hundred and one years old.

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