Julia Gartland, Closets
Julia Gartland

Julia embodies the whole concept for this site when she says that her style is her inside on the outside. She is possessed right now with everything old, in particular, 30's and 40's transforms her, and she feels that clothes can take her to far away places and she can be anywhere and anyone. In a world of flannel shirts and skinny jeans, Julia is very at home with her girly meets polished, retro-movie star self, in her headdresses and lady-like frocks. She says that she sees something in a garment and is allured by how she can makes it work or "makes sense" of it. Julia turns her turban to all sides, making it look like multiple styles of a hat and is bewitched by her "pajama dress," which she alters to makes chic. She could be the star of her own old movie or tv show; equal to fashion, is her love of baking, cooking and the classic acoutrements like aprons and jars lined up and labeled. In her photography, she likes to tell a "tale" with little vignettes of a bigger story, which reminds me of how Julia is in life dressing, everyday is like a scene in her script. Candid about how she could be pigeon holed into a box, she is the opposite of closed, her resemblance to a pioneer like Amelia Earhart, speaks to her wide open imagination and all encompassing timeless good taste.

Check out Julia's online vegan bakery.

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