Jules Kim, Closets
Jules Kim

Jules has daggers tattooed on both arms from her wrist to her elbow, in honor of her Korean origin and of her "duplicitous" status as a twin, where the ancient royal women hid swords in their cloak sleeves in case of emergency. She is a force to be reckoned with (weapons aside), with her jewelry line that she spends every waking and sleeping moment either working on or thinking about - she "can't get the ideas out fast enough." Jules grew up in Virginia, where she first pursued classical music as a flutist, but would be reprimanded when she "breathed or crescendoed" in places that she perceived were correct, instead of where her teacher knew they were supposed to be. Needless to say, Jules beats to her own rhythm and creative calling now, designing collections for people whose passion she can relate to (musical artists included, even though she is not one herself). Much like pulling a jean micro-mini over a lace skirt, her designs are both urban and romantic. For example, little mouse bones as a fringed modern mask or hardened fairy dust as a two-finger ring. She considers her creations to be a connection between herself and her client. I think everyone would benefit from a little, if not a big, communication with Jules and her jewels.

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