Josephine Papasavvas, Closets
Josephine Papasavvas

Carefree, tongue-and-cheek, and as unconventionally charming as the pegasus jewelry dangling from her neck, Josephine takes being judged as an airhead fashionista in her chipper stride. Possessed with the flair of Tippi Hedren (who she admires), in classic silhouettes of pencil skirts, cigarette pants, and fitted jackets, Josephine is anything but shallow. She has the awareness to question her love affair with beautiful objects (e.g Talisman furniture) and accept their irresistibility as well as the guts to admit she has not pushed herself in all areas of her life due to fear of failure. She is drawn to the macabre plays of Sarah Kane and the brilliant frivolity of her Nicholas Kirkwood shoes, who she works for as a wholesale director. Dressing for Josephine is a performance. And her passion for drama goes all the way back to kindergarten, when Josephine grabbed the dress out of the hands of the lead in their Christmas play, who was too nervous to go on, and took center stage.

Elisa and Lily

Video edited by Shane O'Neill.

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