Josefin Arnell, Closets
Josefin Arnell

A little Twiggy and a little Tinkerbell, with her trademark two-inch feather eyelashes and whimsical clothing combinations, Josefin casts a spell of intrigue and leaves you wanting more. She is from a town of 3,000 in Sweden and finds relief in the diversity of big cities where she feels she can be whatever "character" she wants to be. Josefin's originality, though very distinct, is effortless and uncontrived. Whether it's a bikini top over a blouse or hairpiece attached to what would be a simple sweater, fantasy is her comfort zone. I met her during Fashion Week through Daliah, and between the two of them, the distinction between life and art is totally blurred. Their style is not about fashion as much as it is about how they interpret life, Josefin finds the menus at cheap restaurants "funny art pieces." Josefin's fervent imagination leaves her feeling as if she is in her own movie, and even if she is a reluctant star, there is no doubt that she is one.

Check out Josefin's Myspace page.

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