Jorge Wright, Closets
Jorge Wright

Jorge is not just considered when it comes to his style, he is radiating self articulation. Dreads are not for fashion, but a lifestyle that is based on his worship of Bob Marley, who Jorge sees as close to Jesus, and his expansive personality shines through in his innate ability to juxtapose genres, textures and colors, or as he would call it, being "poplin.'" He layers a classic flannel (L train inspired) with a varsity jacket (for a manly affect) with marijuana designed socks (weed has changed his life for the better) with zebra Clarks (that he insists have changed his life for their boldness).
He is not only unapologetic for his dedication to being himself but boasts of being obnoxious with anything from color to unexpected detail like a pair of Kenzo Vans that he wears them with Virgin Mary socks. Though, he does healthily wonder what it will lead him to do career wise. "I think I'd be an amazing model, creative director, stylist…" Jorge says. I'd agree, because explicit originality like Jorge's could never become stagnant. "In your face," Jorge could not be fauxthentic if he tried. Whether he no longer eats pork in the name of Rastafarianism or lauds Lindsay Lohan for how fully herself she is -- what's true on the inside is visible on the outside (and vice versa).

Video Edited by Andrea Cruz.
Filmed at the Smart Clothes Gallery.
Paintings by Brad Woodfin.

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