Johnny B. Azari, Closets
Johnny B. Azari

Johnny's untamed afro that he hasn't cut in two years tells the story of who he is, much like his songwriting does. In addition to echoing his obsession with Jimi Hendrix, he feels that it is the perfect juxtaposition with his rock and roll style, similar to the way that an exclamation mark punctuates a particularly emphatic sentence. Johnny's writing tends to veer toward the darker side, much like the subversive assertion of his hair. Using outward expression as a means to convey ideas was almost ordained by his parents, who named him Behrang, which in Persian means a blank canvas that embodies whatever is painted on it.  As Johnny's father explained it, "If you were to take a white canvas and take a paintbrush with red paint and just fling it at it... that would be it." Likewise, Johnny explains how he dresses in primarily red, white, black or gray as if he were talking about paints on a palette: "To me, putting a touch of red against black or white or gray is always striking and assertive," and it is. The subdued dissident in him is revealed in his worn leather jacket from his stepfather's days as a musician, jeans that have cost three times more to fix than the piece itself and boots that are so frayed that another tear will render them useless as shoes. Like The Dirty Pearls, the namesake of Johnny's band, we are all perfectly imperfect, so let your hair down like him and let go.

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