Jen Chia, Closets
Jen Chia

A former MIT student, and self-proclaimed "nerd," Jen has a subversively child-like approach to dressing and is a true breath of fresh air in the sea of wannabes and try-hards, her favorite necklace is the candy one you eat until it disappears. Her non chalant approach to fashion is especially endearing when you discover that she is represented by New York Models and was recently featured in a multi-spread in July 09 Dazed and Confused, with her girlfriend Mey Bun ( who is with the same modeling agency and who we will be featuring in the near future). Jen's clothes just kind of happen to her: she stumbles on something or finds it randomly, but never goes looking or lusts for anything. Despite the fact that her style is as well edited and unique as though she is channeling original Kenzo and one of the new up and coming designers Ashish in her inventive use of pattern and color (including her gorgeous purple hair), she does not know who they are. Someone like Jen validates that style can come as easily from not caring as caring. Like her tattoo from the "Little Prince" of a boa constrictor swallowing an elephant, which can look like almost anything, including a hat, it's all about perspective, the unitiated can be as inspiring as the established.

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