James Fils-Aime, Closets
James Fils-Aime

There are many things that I take away from each person on this site, but usually one thing is defining. In the case of James, it is his desert boots with pink paint splattered all over them, resembling a Jackson Pollack painting. Somehow, the way it spilled, the pink on beige, the whole thing has the look of something highly designed even though it was an accident. It takes someone with James' eye to see that the "accident" created something original and a new twist on classic. It's also not a surprise that he knows just how to make them chic when you see how fluidly he mixes genres - tribal, plaids, and florals, for example. He is completely his own person - one with an acute sense for detail and a way of incorporating memories and artifacts of his friends and family members into most things that he wears (a ring made by his girlfriend, a hat given to him by a friend, a shirt passed down from his father, who got it from a taxi driver, the shoes mistakenly painted when helping a friend.) James is almost anti-trendy - he says that a trend is a uniform he would never want to wear. But somehow, James has found a way to create his own uniform, but it is one that is impossible to mimic.

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