India Salvor Menuez, Closets
India Salvor Menuez

India says that she treads the line between wanting to be “fashionable” and not, having grown up surrounded by four parents in the business. However, between the loads of coveted hand-me-downs and genetic line of good taste (her mom was a stylist and now designs jewelry), India has style coming out of her ears. She has a pure nonchalance that exudes confidence – she wears Keds with everything right now, including a Burberry trench from her friend’s mom’s closet and her mom’s long printed caftan. India has an eye for turning almost anything into the height of fresh and new while barely trying, especially random women’s coats from the street that I imagine were dowdy on the original owners. India is sixteen, born in Brooklyn, and spends most of her time in Chinatown, often helping her dad with silkscreening for his clothing company Salvor, and says that she is “keen on petting cats and painting.” She has curated six art shows since October of last year with the help of great friends. Together, they plan on putting together an art collective called “Lucky You.” With her colorful socks from Tokyo and comfort with combining mismatching prints, India is the emblem of cool because she is so unaware that she is.

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