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Holly Marilyn

Holly had me at "hello" with her white hair, white "Bianca Jagger" pant suit and white satin slip dress, given to her by her legendary DJ aunt, Tawn Mastrey, whose picture with Patti Smith hangs on Holly's wall. Often in the shadow of her acclaimed musician father, people used to refer to Holly as "Phil's Daughter," but today, their roles have switched, and now Phil is Known as "Holly's dad."

Her rock band, "The Child," represents Holly's perennial status as the youngest in every situation, ever since she began modeling at the age 5. "The Child" has recently released their first album on Manimal Records, an accomplishment that marks a huge comeback for Holly after a solo deal on Interscope Records that fell apart when she was 21.

A "tough"exterior uniform of black jeans, tees, and boots are not meant to be a cover up for how devastating it was for Holly to deal with the challenges of losing what seemed to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. She's honest about the hard lesson of being too cocky and unready for fame, and today she is ecstatic to be on a label that backs her creatively 100%. Holly's boyish touches, like Costume Nationale's army green twill blazer on top of something feminine, and the strong impression of her serious wedges , are a testament to her uncompromising attitude concerning one's ability to overcome adversity with perseverance.

Holly's 84-year-old grandmother, who has purple hair and a nose ring, rediscovered her inner lesbian when she left Holly's grandfather, after having five daughters together, for a woman. Clearly role models are important in having the chops to follow your dreams. If you love Holly, you may also like Liza Thorn, Dana Suchow and Annakim Violette.

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