Hiroto Hirothajap Sugawara, Closets
Hiroto Hirothajap Sugawara

Hiroto's "street name" is "Stupid Fresh" and he has two wooden knuckle rings to prove it. Stupid, not fashionable, he says for "OMG, that guy thinks he has style, but he's wearing whatever he thinks will attract attention" - he's totally focused on how people look at him. "Fresh, for the swag that comes from within and that's completely different from focusing on hype." He sees himself as "in between," out there in a conscious, "crazy" way but completely comfortable in his skin for doing so. Echoing the "total freedom" of his native Tokyo's Harajuku fashion, Hiroto explains, "Everyone is unique and at the same time in harmony with each other."

In line with what Hiroto says is typically Japanese in terms of their open acceptance of foreign influences, he has been collecting East German military surplus since he was a kid. And like his heritage's fluid remixing of foreign influences into its own, Hiroto wears Nazi officer's riding pants with a women's colorful patterned jacket from the Harlem's Goodwill and a straw hat that was inspired by a French anime character. His mid '90s obsessive collection of abstract patterns, neon colors and generally "weird materials" is a dead giveaway to Hiroto's role of rave music mastermind as a DJ with the label Radical Outing. So Stupid Fresh in his colorful winged Jeremy Scott sneakers, textured hoodie, geometric acid wash Search and Destroy jacket and zebra Tripp jeans from Trash and Vaudeville, Hiroto was asked to model for the latter quintessential St Mark's brand. The hat that Hiroto made is patterned after Darth Vader and is Star Wars-does-WWII Germanic, but then again is all him with his tux jacket that is made of material similar to a garbage bag. "You always have to put yourself forward to the future," Hiroto feels, and sometimes it has to be stupid to be fresh.

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