Hannah Marshall, Closets
Hannah Marshall

Hannah has a quiet strength, that is conveyed in her love of all black ("black demands respect") and the powerful shapes that define her as a forceful visionary. The blazers, often with herculean shoulders, the ring (a collaboration with Hannah Martin), that could pass as a weapon, the bionic Raphael Young boots, with mirrored heels and wings, and most potent, her architecturally shaped eyebrows and blunt cut hair, says super woman 2010. Hannah commutes for two hours everyday from her hometown in the countryside of Essex, to her studio in London, which keeps her grounded in the ultra intense world of fashion design. She is soft spoken underneath her extraordinary chic, and she artfully balances the extremes. Anything bold or masculine, is always off set with something softer, simpler and sometimes slightly more feminine, like her sheer blouse with Church's brogues. In keeping with her committment to the empowerment of women, Hannah's most recent autumn/winter collection was inspired by the iconic, androgenous and heroic overtones of the visual collaborations between Grace Jones and Jean Paul Goude. Hannah is committed to the power that clothing has to communicate, "clothing, actions and your body language speak louder than words."

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