Hannah Bronfman, Closets
Hannah Bronfman

It is people like Hannah, who don't accept the status quo blindly, that inspire this site. To me, the individuality and effortlessness that she exudes when mixing a sheer vintage shirt dress from Edith Machinist on the LES, with Louboutin snakeskin ankle boots, is a reflection of her courage to speak out on matters close to the heart, bringing them into the open in order to affect change.

Hannah has chosen to set herself free of a self-imposed stigma that as a black female, animal prints are tacky, as she stands tall in her python Rag and Bone print jeans with a Herve Leger banded knit top and Camilla Skovgaard heels. She is also eager to release herself and the world from some of the antiquated hangovers of our educational institutions. Though fond of her high schools, she is upfront about being one of three African American girls at The Spence School in Manhattan where she was singled out and suspended for smoking pot, which ultimately found her in another, more diverse, prep school, but where she couldn't identify enough with one group in order to fit in. The trauma ultimately led to Hannah's redemption. Today, she is taking the dark and forbidden world of pot into the light, by developing a lifestyle brand with her brother called Green Owl. It is a sustainable record label that, among many other things, will have a retail marijuana dispensary to help bring the weed culture of LA out of the 70's and into the 21st century.

For Hannah, the importance of family, taking care of herself, and in particular a love of food has grown out of the experience of having witnessed her grandmother's lifetime struggle with anorexia. When we shot Hannah this summer she told us that she was having a "fruit moment" in her 40's printed shirt of apples and colorful fruit inspired nails, explaining how the particular yellow of her first Vuitton bag was inspired by her passion for mustard. You can also see Hannah's sense of irony in her attraction to Kurt Vonnegut and her wax sculptures that are inspired by the TV series Alex Mack, where people turned into goo while still having a mind. Her art piece of a woman upside down with her head in a plant is both playful and satirical, and like Hannah, portrays her message that honesty is what makes change happen, whether laughing or crying.

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