Hannah and Vita Kurland, Closets
Hannah and Vita Kurland

1) How did you find Hannah & Vita?
Elisa: We scouted Hannah and Vita at my favorite event, The Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show. That day we included Vita in our "Addictions" feature.

2) What did Hannah & Vita inspire you to buy? Music, books, clothes, etc?
Elisa: Two photography books- FRUiTS: Tokyo street style by Shoichi Aoki and Guy Bourdin Polaroids. The former was Vita's style inspiration in the 5th grade. The latter is one of Hannah's favorites.

3) What's the first thing you remember from your shoot with Hannah & Vita?
Lily: Vita's hands filled with sick rings that she got everywhere from a flea market in Berlin to a 99 cent store.

4) What personal quality/character do you admire in Hannah & Vita?
Elisa: Hannah's independent spirit, as she is a single mom running her own store, Marmalade Vintage, and Vita's pursuit of travel, as she has already lived abroad in Berlin and is now making a bold decision to go to college there this year.

5) What is your favorite thing about Hannah & Vita's style?
Elisa: Vita's obsession with the old ladies in their mink coats at Cafe Ambrose on the Upper East Side and how she interprets that with her big glasses and oversized silk shirts. I also love Vita's huge afro and how she wraps it in a turban or bandana. As for Hannah, I like her gypsy take on elegance, exemplified in her Marni cape dress (I have the same one) and her boxy Marimekko vintage print dress with boots. I also love Hannah's collection of huge earrings, especially her 7 dollar African hoops. Her grandmother’s metal choker is pretty great too.

6) What style tip did you personally take away from your interview with Hannah & Vita?
Elisa: That the 99 cent store has amazing colored lipsticks.

7) What has stayed with you since your interview with Hannah & Vita?
Elisa: Hannah's dream for the future to start a remote bed and breakfast in South America that has indoor and outdoor space, Gaudi inspired cabanas and bathtubs with hot running water gardens. And Vitas desire to take over the world or become an art curator.

8) What was your favorite thing Hannah & Vita said during the interview?
Elisa: “I’ve always stood out in general just because of my hair… Occasionally, I’d straighten it to see how long it was. People didn’t even recognize me and I didn’t like that. I just feel like when I do something that extreme, like straightening my hair, I’m more invisible and that’s weird to me... If no one takes my picture or smiles at me on the street like I’m heartbroken.” -Vita
“I got lucky Vita is a remarkable soul… with a sense of herself.” - Hannah

9) What was your favorite thing about Hannah & Vita's apartment?
Elisa: Their shoes on their shelves mixed in with books and everything else.

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