Giulia Brunello, Closets
Giulia Brunello

This is our first in a series of features from Milan done by SLU's own Angela Grossi. Giulia has the kind of attitude I love. Cool and confident without being blocked by pride, she is so totally accessible, enthusiastic, and genuine. Her friends call her Giulia Smith because of her love of British culture, everything from punk to Vivienne Westwood are fetishes and her favorite fashion moment is Elizabethan for its crinolines and bustiers. She isn't big on vintage, but wears her grandmother's riding hat with her Ramones t-shirt and killer over-the-knee boots with verve. You can see the huge influence of music and Balmain on her style by her reference to Madonna's Celebration video and in her studded dresses and leggings. However, despite Giulia's adoration of Anglo culture, to me, she is still so Italian in her very feminine high-waisted skirts, stilettos, and raw sensuality.

If you like Giulia, you might also enjoy Angela Nam and Becka Diamond.

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