Giovanni James, Closets
Giovanni James

We found Giovanni through the other King of Retro Style, Dandy Wellington, who is a member of his neo-vaudevillian performance group, The Harlem James Gang. Giovanni prefers a more "mangled refined" look, with riding boots as worn-in as possible and a canvas jacket with paint splashed all over it by someone from the past. I personally share Giovanni's penchant for workwear, like his railroad stripe overalls (the brown leather kneepads over them are killer) and his vintage Wrangler denim jacket, which is perfect in fit and quality. I also love his attention to details in the silver bands he wears as rings, both above and below his knuckles, and the way Giovanni ties a bandana like an ascot--I will be attempting to do the same with mine. He says that "if you have the balls to say this is fresh," then it usually is, like Giovanni rocking his aprons, and that "people just remember how you made them feel," like how Giovanni inspires you to make the outsider in you an asset.

Written by Founder & Editor in Chief Elisa Goodkind.
Video Edited by Kelsey Rowland.

Favorite Books:
Here I Stand by Paul Robeson
The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell
My System 21st century edition by Aron Nimzowitsch

Favorite Films:
The Godfather
Cool Hand Luke
The Warriors
Malcolm X

Neighborhood Haunts:
67 Orange Street (my boy Karl owns)
The Uptown Juice Bar (Soul Vegan)

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