Gaby Basora & Zoe Potkin, Closets
Gaby Basora & Zoe Potkin

1) How did you meet Zoe & Gaby?
We collaborated with Zoe's video production company, "IAM Pictures" on two StyleLikeU editorials, Black Diamond & Present. I was immediately taken by Zoe's incredible poise, confidence, take over attitude and "French Prostitute" side bun. She later introduced us to her older sister, Gaby, for whom I fell head over heels the minute she showed up to meet for coffee at Mudd on her bike in her Stone's girl outfit.

2) What are your most coveted items in Gaby & Zoe's closets?
Gaby's high waisted vintage washed out Calvin Klein Jeans that her grandmother gave to her and Zoe's dad's ring that carves out his initials, RP.

3) What are your favorite things that Gaby & Zoe said during the interview?
- Gaby, of her life as a designer and mother: "I don't really distinguish between free time and non-free time. Time is time. I love what I do when I'm working, and I love having a family life, and there are trying aspects to both"-- I am very inspired by Gaby's fluidity in going from being a stylist to running her own clothing company all while simultaneously fostering a family life that includes a husband and 3 kids.
- Zoe about Gaby: "I was with her in Paris when we found out that the {Tucker} studio had burned down. Basically, she always says this to me when I call her in crisis-- she's like 'well, we go on.' That's sort of her motto towards life-- that it doesn't really matter what comes your way, we just take it and move on."-- For someone so young, Zoe is one of those people who you want to work with because you know she will completely follow through and do the best job possible. Or, as Gaby says of the youngest sister, "she has a fierce determination when she gets behind an idea."

4) What were you inspired to buy after the interview?
I bought a pair of Dries Van Noten Victorian oxfords based on Gaby's Marc Jacobs ones. In general, I love how she wears singular shoes (like the black and white spotted Bionda Castagna's) with jeans. I would love Zoe's Tucker printed silk jumpsuit, but could never pull off her glamour in it if I tried.

5) What did Gaby & Zoe inspire in you?
By Gaby I am inspired to finish "The Lover" by Margeurite Duras as well as the memoirs of Alice Waters. Gaby also inspires me to want to go to the Left Bank bookstore on 8th avenue and to revisit Lynyrd Skynyrd and Bartok. By Zoe I am inspired to continue pursuing what was once my interest in The Innocence Project, an organization, for which Zoe interned, that helps advocate for the rights of those who are wrongfully incarcerated. Zoe also inspires me to smile as much as she does while getting a lot done.

6) What are your favorite things about Gaby & Zoe's style?
- How Tom Boy chic Gaby is, like when she wears a white Jil Sander button-down with with leopard scarf tied as a tie, with her signature hats pulled down over half over her eyes. Gaby is one of those people that can make a tee shirt and jeans look epic because the tee and jeans will be so "intrinsically herself," as she says.
- I also love Zoe's costume oriented spirit, down to every detail, as her lingerie has to match perfectly with the same genre of what she is wearing on the outside. Zoe's love for a "well composed outfit," as she says, reminds me of how she organizes her world when making a film.

7) What are Gaby & Zoe's best style philosophies?
Gaby says her favorite thing about fashion is its potential to be surprising and audacious, like when she wears Tucker print-on-print or when she puts together the stand-out combo of Selima oversized sunglasses, a leopard Tucker bustier and a lurex vintage cardigan. Also, Zoe's hair, hands down, is one of the best examples of how hair can be your ace accessory.

Questions answered by Elisa Goodkind, Co-Founder & Editor in Chief.

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