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After a week of fashion shows, where the shallowness of human connection is at an all time high, my sadness melted away while reading the interview of our Valentine's Day ultra amores Devon and Aleksa. "Seeing that there is a connection with someone else connects you to yourself again," says Aleksa about the music she and her husband, Devon, make together. The two met in their teens on a train through Canada. Aleksa recalls becoming conscious of her fate when she saw her and Devon's reflection in the train's plastic roof while they both saw a meteor shower. The train tryst, though, was succeeded by years of separation. Devon's love letters went unanswered by Aleksa, and the two plowed different paths until Devon phoned Aleksa from rural India to inform her of his intention to find her again in New York. Now Exitmusic's novelesque love story serves as the enchanted backdrop to their entrancing tale.

The duo's depth and commitment makes their less-is-more mantra concerning clothes magnetic. Aleksa, despite her determination to be independent, feels there is a metal rod joining her ribs to his. But most charming is the couple's clear, articulate knowledge of themselves. Aleksa speaks fluently about her dislike of feeling overly aware of what she is wearing and Devon lucidly explains how he always wears a reiteration of a similar uniform. Each describes their NYC reunion as a "recognition" of what they were cognizant of all along. Isn't this what we all crave -- living lives of truth instead of lies?

Video Edited by Sandra Garcia Pagola.

Music: "Passage" Written & Performed by Exitmusic. Courtesy of Secretly Canadian.

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