Euphraise, Closets

When I met with Euphraise to film her for the site, among the things she pulled out of her bag as her "style inspirations" were about 25 empty cartons of Ben and Jerry's ice cream that she had already eaten. She loves the fact that Ben and Jerry's has so many flavors to choose from - whether it's ice cream or clothes, Euphraise is appreciative of the countless options that the U.S. seems to offer (in her home country of France, there aren't nearly as many). Euphraise is literally interested in EVERYTHING, and is particularly inspired by caring about and knowing people. She is proud to admit that she feels that she could wear anything and make it work. Euphraise likes the idea of reusing clothing for environmental reasons and is designing her own line of bags made from jeans - she also plans on going into socially conscious marketing to help save the planet. She is highly influenced by her world travels as a model, but her farm-bred origins of Normandy come through in her down-to-earth and unaffected sensibility. Euphraise's dress code can be described as traditional Parisian meets colorful Tokyo meets anything-goes New York, but her pet chicken (named Poulet Blanche) sums up her unconventional and wide-eyed individualism.

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