Erin Bazos, Closets
Erin Bazos

Nothing – not even a baby – is going to get between Erin and her less-is-more fixation on avant-garde designers. The stylish, older Italian women she met when she was living and working in Rome are to blame for the fact that, pregnant or not, you will never see her resort to flip-flops, let alone maternity stretch pants (which her Ann Demeulemeester pair clearly are not) to make room for her growing belly. On the contrary; for her, a Dries van Noten sequined jumper is just as “weekend casual” when she is expecting as it is when she is not. Because Erin’s love for high-end fashion knows no bounds, she once carried an Issey Miyake origami wedding dress in a flat cardboard box as tall as she was with her to Europe-- a nightmare to get through airport security, she says. Erin's foundation in art is the culprit for that one. A RISD graduate, she's been painting and designing forever.

Erin's eye is so honed when it comes to the sculptural side of style that her hair is literally the geometric version of her idol, Audrey Hepburn, a kind of edgy polish, longer in the front and shorter in the back. Her Martin Margiela shoes that she wears with a Zero + Maria Cornejo textile dress have an architectural wooden wedge and her heart beat speeds up when talking about her Yohji Yamamoto navy blazer with its half-pleated peplum. Asymmetry is a theme for Erin, in an Issey Miyake vest which she re-invents as a sophisticated callback to Annie Hall with two-toned oxfords and a fedora. I can only imagine what Erin is going to dress her baby in. Now might be a good time for Pleats Please to get into the kids' market, so that Erin can stop worrying that her kid will be a hipster.

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