Emmanuel Limon, Closets
Emmanuel Limon

The journey of meeting and interviewing the phenominal people on this site has been a gift. Every so often the endorphin rush is over the top when someone as uniquely gifted as Emanuel walks into my life. From my perspective of 25 years as a fashion editor and stylist, he is unquestionably a shining star with brilliant talent. Emanuel's combat boots that he adorned with steel worker's plates and the reptilian avante garde back pack that he made, I can see being the inspiration for a future Martin Margiela or Gareth Pugh runway show. I also love the touches of his Texan roots with the fur hanging from his belt contrasted with his neon top siders. Emanuel is a sculptor and installation artist first, his fashion is an after thought, that's what really blows my mind.

You can see more Emmanuel's designs and artwork at myspace.com/limondesigns and on his new site emmanuellimon.com.

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