Emily Bartley, Closets
Emily Bartley

Emily loves Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. Similar to the movie character, she is so endearing in the almost unfiltered, rambling dialogue that she has with her thoughts, not to mention their mutual attraction to floppy hats and oxfords. Annie was from the Midwest, and a free-spirited misfit in her neck of the woods. Emily, felt like a gangly, pale outcast among the tanned blonds in North Carolina, and with her charming self deprecation, used to ask "Why God, why?" until she discovered how stylish one can be with their head covered. At home in the urban jungle of Manhattan, the sun is no longer a factor in her present-day, fairy tale-esque beauty regimen. Instead, her very skillful and fantastic eye makeup looks as though she is one of the subjects in her highly textured and patterned paintings, which are inspired by fashion design and influenced by Egon Schiele. Emily is herself a studied palette, (and could have been the legendary artist's muse), whether in her more favorite wintery and rich mode of gold lames,brocades, velvets, and braids, or in her summery and more easy-going polka dots, vintage shirt dresses, and flowing mane.

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