Emilie Poulin, Closets
Emilie Poulin

I don't mind flattering Emilie with the cliche that the French have the best style. She's got that self possessed quality that the Parisians have when it comes to taste and yet she's anything but arrogant. Perfectly non chalant is hard to attain but Emilie does so in vintage suede high waisted shorts with a floral vintage blouse, a Stetson hat and a couple of layers of antique chains and charms sitting on her bamboo balcony. She assists fashion designers, but makes a point of seeing the irony in being one who creates trends and being so untrendy herself. Classic yet current, in a velvet Isabel Marant shirt worn as a dress with a Navajo blanket coat and black knee high wedge boot. Emelie feels that, "you should not pretend to be someone you're not."

She claims that she is a quiet observer due to the critical disposition of her Virgo sun. People born into this astrological sign seek to attain an appearance of perfection, Emilie says. You can see it in her quintessentially quaint decor of dried roses and antique cameras next to candle sticks covered in melted wax, as well as the continuous blank slate she pursues when it comes to her clothing, attained through buying and selling things on Ebay. Those under this sixth astrological sign of the zodiac also have a crazy side, she claims, which would explain Emilie in her drapey, black Bernard Wilhelm kaftan dress, love for Bram Stroker's Dracula and passion for Jesus and Mary Chain. Quiet or crazy, in denim cut off's from her mom, a vintage tee with DM's on Emilie is laid back, while all so enviably chic, as only the French can be.

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