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A Citizen of the World

With her friends borrowed, brazen faux fur and her own unbridled Tarzan locks, the Swedish rebel musician Elliphant claims to be a citizen of the world. The daughter of a punk from southern Stockholm who loves Frank Sinatra , Elliphant has a no-holds-barred perspective on everything -- from the boring predictability of trying to hard with one's style (especially on fashion shoots) to the importance of not hiding your emotional shit under the rug." It was her mom's honesty with her own drug addiction that spawned Elliphant's female libertine code of beats and lyric. As Elliphant declares, "If I don't express myself constantly, I get physically sick."

Sporting a slanted cap and a drawstring backpack, the arousing singer turns the laid-back look into couture. "Today, you write an 'A' on your jacket and you think you're an anarchist," observes Elliphant. "Fashion used to be a weapon for the young people to provoke change. What people need to do now is wipe their makeup off." Like us, Elliphant is all about revealing the beautiful, messy underbelly of our 21st-century Prozac nation.  According to the nomad, the happiest person that she ever met was a woman with MS. Though she was so sick that she could only communicate with a computer, the woman, like the foundation of Elliphant's music, recognizes the gold that comes from getting dirty with adversity.

Elisa & Lily

Shot and interviewed by Elisa & Lily
Video edited by Daniel Duran

Elliphant's EP, Look Like You Love It, comes out April 1st
Her upcoming tour dates include:
4/10: Grasslands, Brooklyn
4/18: Echo, LA
For more information on Elliphant's tour and EP, visit her website

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