Elle Dee, Closets
Elle Dee

1. How did you find Elle?
Elisa: Through the sweetest, most sincere & ultra stylish rock & roll musician, Justin Dean Thomas.

2. What did Elle inspire you to buy?
Elisa: A kids size leather jacket, like her Trash & Vaudeville one. All of her books -- I can't name one, there are so many (you can look at the photos of them). I am always so impressed with people like Elle, who live such busy lives and actually make the time to read major books like she does. I would also like to note that "The Cabinet of Natural Curiosities" seems to be a must have, as at least half of the people featured on SLU have it.

3. What's the first thing you remember from your shoot with Elle?
Elisa: How she doesn't engage much in fb or emails and calls people instead.

4. At what point during this shoot did your jaw drop to the floor? Why?
Elisa: When I saw the tattoos on her shoulders with an Azzedine Alaia dress and realized how chic that looked.

5. What personal quality/character do you admire in Elle?
Elisa: Her comfort in being a loner-- I am one, but am not always that at peace with it. I also admire her honesty with how it is just as hard being skinny as it is being heavy when it comes to dressing. And I love how Elle is a big NYC DJ and is so willing to admit that she has fears and anxiety and often cries whenever she feels the need. Nothing is better than not being too cool for school.

6. What has Elle inspired you to do?
Elisa: To know music better than I do, like classical, and to stick to my gut. I admire her integrity in not playing top 40 when djing, even if she loses the gig.

7. What is your favorite thing about Elle's style?
Elisa: How clean, classic and black it is.

8. Who else on StyleLikeU does Elle remind you of? Why?
Elisa: Hannah Marshall, Kristin Barilli and Ansoni.

9. What was your favorite thing that Elle said?
Elisa: To stop rushing and to look up at how beautiful New York is. Also, I love how she looks forward to getting older because women become more beautiful when they embrace aging.

10. What item from Elle's closet did you want?
Elisa: Wolford no 12 opaque tights, clunky Burberry boots and her Pamela Love claw bracelet.

11. What surprised you about Elle?
Elisa: I was pleasantly surprised by how Elle is a big NYC DJ and yet is so willing to admit that she has fears and anxiety and often cries whenever she feels the need.

Questions answered by Elisa Goodkind, Co-Founder & Editor in Chief.

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