Elizabeth Spiridakis, Closets
Elizabeth Spiridakis

It takes a person with a strong and intriguing point of view, like Elizabeth, to get me to consider wearing red opaque tights as a staple the same way I would wear a black pair. Elizabeth unorthodoxically and brilliantly pairs said red hose with her Lady Miss Kier-inspired, Rococo lavender suede shoes. Thus the success of her blog White Lightning, where she has a dedicated audience that appreciates her enthusiasm with a twist of humor for everything from Miu Miu clogs, Joan of Mad Men, classic rock vinyl and the covers of old Playboys. Part of what makes Elizabeth so funny is how dead serious she is about what she obsesses over, like the virtues of polyester and its brilliant colors and shapes. The banal is of particular interest to her like the "off" hues in color by number paintings and the documentary "Vernon," about the "weird" lives of the people in a town of three hundred in Florida. You might be able to include Elizabeth's Margiela white wedges in this "common as cool" category. Old women stop her on the street about them - they are the epitome of orthopedic chic. The avant-garde chunky sandals bring a suede hippie coat dress into the 21st century when worn with black thick tights and, of course, with Elizabeth's gumption.

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