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Elijah Pryor

How great is the gift of being brought up by a grandmother who taught you to be yourself in spite of criticism? Being brave for Elijah is not about having muscles and proving how outwardly tough you are, but having a strong feminine side that delves deeply into the arts, as Elijah does. For him, brave means wearing your personality in the form of unapologetically bold yet tasteful combinations of patterns and colors, including a polka dot blouse with a bright indigenous print blazers and red dress pants with a red bow tie and loafers, that are inspired by everything from the New Jack Swing era of the late '80s and early '90s and the TV show Saved by The Bell to coloring books. In black patent Doc Martens, "Hammer" pants, a Kool Lights tank top and his great grandmother’s sweater, the confidence to express his passion is second nature Elijah, which he says is a rarity in Queens, where he lives. It took his family three days to name him, but the right one appeared finally in the name of the prophet from the Old Testament, Elijah, which means the messenger. "I do want to set by example. I have a little brother myself, and I try to inspire him everyday to be who he is... so I just hope that he can inspire the next person and so on and so forth," Elijah feels.

Next to his grandmother, music is Elijah's love. His signature high top hairdo is influenced by the hip hop duo Kid-N-Play and his passion for basketball attire reflects the style of R&B trio Bell Biv DeVoe, along with a devout respect for Michael Jordan, reflected in the legend's jersey that he wears with a Chicago Bulls jacket. People like Slick Rick - for his storytelling about adventures and chance encounters alike and Bruno Mars - for writing about whatever comes to his mind, like the song Talking to the Moon - have given Elijah license to emote freely, but none more than Tupac Shakur's book “The Rose that Grew from Concrete,” which motivated Elijah to write poetry. "There’s a line that is my favorite: 'If our love is really true, I would gladly die and watch over you.'" When asked about his favorite places to travel, Elijah said sitting under the Brooklyn Bridge and writing his spoken word rhymes.

Kid Love is the name of Elijah's alter ego which hangs from his chunky gold rope chain necklace. Elijah says his friends gave him the moniker in homage to the status symbol of the rappers of the late '80s and early '90s. However, he feels that "Kid Love" stands more for his young, yet mature demeanor. "I’m all over funny and outgoing. I don’t say no, like if everybody said: 'Oh let’s go skydiving,' I’d be like, “I’m going to jump first... the outgoing one, the dancer, the funny guy, everybody’s friend..." His favorite person on StyleLikeU is Liz Baca not only for her '80s schoolteacher style, but for her old soul spirit: "I get told that everyday because people don't understand dressing is not just style. To me, it's who I am."

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