Dustin Hollywood, Closets
Dustin Hollywood

Dustin is proof that going to your high school reunion just might be worth the effort. Though a proverbial nerd during his adolescence, he is the epitome of cool today, swathed in tattoos and piles of heavenly indigenous jewelry. By channeling his Cherokee heritage, Dustin is blooming into his inner artist. He is obsessed with feathers and dead animals and he turns it all into some of the most graceful and ethereal jewelry I have come across. It takes a lot for me to have to own something immediately, but there was no leaving our interview without at least one of Dustin's artfully arranged feather earrings that cascade down to almost waist-length. Dustin's work conveys wild, langourous, nomadic and commanding energy at the same time resulting in uncompromising visual impact. I love how natural Dustin's approach is to both his art and life. He showers and sleeps in his jewels and is known as a "photo dancer" for his free-form, innovative photography. Dustin says that "style is like your fingerprint - although it may be similar to someone else's, there is always a slight difference." Maybe the price you pay for being "left out" as a kid is what you gain in finding "yourself."

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