Don Pedro & Kirsten, Closets
Don Pedro & Kirsten

Don Pedro and Kirsten woke up together one morning after a party, and have been sharing clothes and ideas ever since. They live a quintessential bohemian "artiste" fairy tale. Their studio, which is situated within a commune of other artists and galleries, is filled with Don Pedro's Dali and Bosch-esque's paintings and sculptures. Don Pedro is inspired by the imperfections of the human body. The two take a different approaches to dressing: he prefers to find clothing on the street and Kirsten makes her own, although they do share clothes. Don Pedro's style, which often includes draping Kirsten's scarves over his head, reminds me of one of my favorite designer's, Miguel Adrover, and his indigenous references. Meanwhile, Kirsten's style nods to her idol , the kitschy 90's TV character, "Clarissa", but gives her a modern edge. When I first met them at an art opening, there was no doubt that their creative spirits stood out and that they were emblematic of this site, especially as a duo.

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