Darcy Miro, Closets
Darcy Miro

When I first saw Darcy's jewelry, I had that overwhelming feeling of wanting to throw all of my beloved jewels away and never wear anything again but her designs. Suddenly, everything vintage, estate, gypsy, Moroccan, hippy, or leather felt gaudy, cheap, and wrong. It had to be Darcy's 5-inch primordial cuffs or bust. The colors are inexplicably perfect earth tones, nothing man could make, and the shapes and textures are of a quality that seem as though they were found on an archeological dig. Darcy's eye for originality is acute. Bubblegum pink clogs are the unusual complement to her Comme des Garcons twisted camel trench, and her house is layered perfectly in colors and textures, both opulent and industrial. It's all food for the soul.

Check out more of Darcy's Jewelry and Sculptures at her website. Drop by her store in the West Village, NYC at 60 Bedford St.

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