Danielle & Jeffertitti, Closets
Danielle & Jeffertitti

Jeffertitti says that he is from Jupiter, which I truly understand, because I often feel like I am from Mars. I also get why he and Danielle made the move from concrete to nature, because when I am making that drive up the winding, mountainous, breathtaking road to Topanga Canyon in LA, where they live, I start to feel a little bit closer to heaven too. Topanga is a refreshing throwback to the raw and organic beauty of the '70s and it is not unusual for people to have a teepee in their back yards, like Danielle and Jeffertitti do. Danielle has that "I don't care," free-spirited Stones girl style that makes your head spin. She's reminiscent of the iconic Ali McGraw (whose comfort in her clothes makes you shiver) in a '50s turban with a vintage sequin and satin cocktail dress and mod, geometric tights. Jeffertitti, however is not so much Ali's husband, Steve McQueen, as he is Danielle's Braveheart, with his face paint, braided medieval long locks and beaten up shoes. Together, they make beautiful music, jewelry and clothes.

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