Dani Baum, Closets
Dani Baum

I love how unguarded and effusive Dani is about life. To decompress, she “dances like there is no tomorrow” and she's refreshingly honest about the trouble she has finding a middle ground - “People say to me all the time, ‘You are either all or nothing.’” During her first year in acting school, she read a Sanford Meisner quote that says, “Life beats down and crushes our souls, and theater reminds us that we have one.” Dani's driving force and the reason she gets up each morning is to act. Life is Dani’s stage as much as theater is. In seventh grade, she arrived to the school dance fearlessly dressed in her crushed velvet, tie-dye Betsey Johnson jumper from TJ Maxx. Today, one of her favorite pieces is a dramatic houndstooth wool cape that she wears with alluring point d’esprit over the knee hose and a high-waisted pair of underwear, which are inspired by her latest obsession with the ’40s. Most of her wardrobe is one of a kind and her favorite pieces are from her mom and aunt, like her prized Van Cleef and Arpel clover necklace (there is a funny story in the video of how she almost lost it in bear costume.) Dani says that she has always been addicted to being who she truly is, “like a moth to light,” despite often being misunderstood. With her head proudly wrapped in her mother’s peacock scarf, she admits that wearing things that are not typically thought of as beautiful is challenging for her father - who calls them schmatas - but fine with her. Dani is a sparkling version of Grey Gardens chic in a printed Roberto Cavalli dress with a turban and Calvin fringed shoes. One of her favorite dresses is a vintage pleated knit shirt dress that that gives off a hint of headmistress chic - she wore it as Martha, the owner of a '30s boarding school in her favorite Lillian Hellman play, “The Children’s Hour”. Like the true thespian that she is, Dani compares two pairs of shoes that she owns to herself, “One is dark and one is light. One is shiny and one is matte. One feels hard to the touch and the other, soft...I just think that I am all of those things…and there are not many people out there who are willing to show you all sides of their personality.”

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