Creator Amy Yeung Puts the Breaks on Fast Fashion, Closets
Creator Amy Yeung Puts the Breaks on Fast Fashion

Liberating herself from the stigma of ageism, Amy is 55 years young, good with her mane of salt and pepper hair and on the brink of breaking free. Stepping into the world of reimagined vintage and upcycled textiles from all over the world that is her company Orende Tribe, is like a deep dive into a bygone era of one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories that scream of an ancient beauty lost in a world of mass-produced disposable fashion. Amy is on cloud nine in her status as ex-corporate creative director for fast fashion brands, instead using her precious time to decolonize herself, give back and reconnect to her roots as a Native American that were once lost when she was adopted as a baby to parents who lived in a small rural town in Indiana.

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