Coury Combs, Closets
Coury Combs

If Polyanna grew up and Barbie was chic, it would be Coury. With platinum locks and pink lips, Bobby Darren and Sandra Dee films from a '60s utopia in the background and Gene Kelly in Singin' In the Rain on infinite replay, Coury blogs about style in head-to-toe classic confections that sometimes inspire baked goods, like her oversized, rainbow-colored ring that prompted a batch of multicolor-dyed coconut cookies. Red loafers and a giant deer's-head cocktail ring are the perfect "off" balance for a vintage champagne-colored chiffon dress, as are a pair of crimson Hasbeens booties and a powder-blue hat to a beige floral frock. "It's important to have fun and enjoy everything you do, even if you're just going to the dog park or the post office," Coury feels. And buying milk is more uplifting in a ruffled trench of short-sleeved 1940s coat like Coury's, you, too, might dance instead of walk.

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