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Corinne Drewery

Corinne is a shy and reluctant showstopper on and off the stage in her Vidal Sassoon, Japanese inspired, geometric hair cut and 60's Marimekko stripey shifts. Her mom, who Corinne describes as someone who was so cool that she held her in one arm when she was a kid, with a standard poodle in the other, dressed in head to toe leather, with her hair down to her rump.

Corinne is likewise, inexhaustibly ageless as the lead singer of Swing Out Sister for the past 26 years, in her always mod meets avant garde clothes. Of her 30's kimono that was bought in Japan, where the band is very popular, she see's it as something current like Issey Miyake. In Lanvin's silk ankle length interpretation of a Pucci, Corinne says that she is waiting to wear it to a gig because it is too mature, "too Liz Taylor," for now. However, when the time does come that Corinne decides to wear the chic and colorful, ankle length chemise to perform, it will be an expression of how she makes everything contemporary and not dated.

Equally mesmerizing in its effortlessness is how Corinne fell into the position of rock and roll lead singer of a band that has had its run at number one on the charts. The manager of the band was living in her flat and asked if she would be interested in the job, to which she said a casual yes, abandoning fashion design. Her band partner, the keyboardist and composer, Andy Connell, is someone she describes as the person with whom she then fell in love, life and work. In a traumatic twist of fate, Swing Out Sister lost their first record deal when Corinne was thrown from a horse and cracked her skull. However, the accident led her to a full commitment to living her dreams in music and greater successes with the band.

Like the piles of signature bangles on her arms, some of which are curtain rings, Corinne inspires admiration for how little she tries yet how unique she is. Her magnetism evokes her idols such as Mary Quant, Twiggy, Diana Ross and Dusty Springfield, but in her everyday uniform of Commes black drop crotch pants, a healthy glow from swimming and a love for exploring London on her bicycle, she has a timeless attitude that is very much her own.

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