Comedian Chloe Fineman is Becoming Herself by Becoming Others, Closets
Comedian Chloe Fineman is Becoming Herself by Becoming Others

Relinquishing shame and stepping into her fullest self is what impersonating others did for Chloe Fineman once she discovered comedy. But her journey to this comfort within only came after lots of zigs and zags. For years, Chloe struggled to fit into a traditional acting career that demanded she shrink herself both literally and figuratively to fit into a waify ingenue “hot girl box.” But a bout with anorexia followed by a chapter of overeating ice cream and blowing out her thyroid led to a dramatic weight gain that became the turning point in Chloe’s path towards fully owning her inner-clown. Today, with an arsenal of wigs, Chloe prides herself on the contribution to society that she makes by embodying the tragic flaws of problematic white women, like Ivanka Trump and Elizabeth Holmes. Feeling the most beautiful when she’s doing her work, Chloe is a tour de force of comic relief, healing pain with lots of laughs. “When I'm doing something where I feel like I'm talented when I'm doing the thing that I love to do and I know that I have a skill at...I'll usually feel really beautiful. I think that's a good way to navigate your relationships; who sees you as beautiful in that or who sees you in a selfie?” This episode is brought to you by Chantelle Lingerie. Our listeners can take advantage of free shipping by going to and using the coupon code STYLE. For Chloe’s full life and style story, listen to her episode of our podcast, What’s Underneath, on iTunes (, Spotify ( or Stitcher ( If these stories are transformative on your own journey towards acceptance, please consider becoming a member of StyleLikeU on Patreon so that we can build a world where everyone feels comfortable and safe in their skin. To join the movement, head over to And if you know anyone who would be empowered by this story, please share and be a part of spreading the message that true style is the result of radical self-acceptance. FOLLOW STYLELIKEU: Patreon: Newsletter: Instagram: Facebook: iTunes: Spotify: Stitcher:

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